Management Nightmares Podcast

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Behind every successful manager is a trail of past nightmares that keep them up at night.

Each episode delves into the pressing challenges managers face. Alongside special guests, we share real-world problems, captivating tales of success and failure, and actionable insights to guide your managerial journey.

This podcast isn’t about preaching tools or methods—it’s about learning from experience and empowering you to forge your own path in leadership.

If you’re an executive, manager, or business owner hungry for insights, strategies, and tales from the trenches, this podcast is your guide.


About The Hosts

Meet Bogoy and Nikola.
Founders of AgilePool Ltd. and seasoned Business Agility Coaches, they bring over a decade of expertise.

Their mission?

To help managers align strategy with execution, fostering a more Agile and Lean approach. With hands-on experience working with companies, they offer a wealth of knowledge, ensuring each episode is valuable.

Bogoy Bogdanov

Business Agility Coach

Nikola Bogdanov

Business Agility Coach


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