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To inspire true leaders to bring their organizations to the future of work and help them create an environment where people feel excited, fulfilled, safe, and proud of themselves and their achievements. In this environment, everyone will unlock their full potential to maximize their performance and work for a higher purpose.

Our Story

AgilePool is one of the most successful Business Agility Consulting providers in Bulgaria with wide in Europe as well.

The initiative started in 2015 when Nikola Bogdanov decided to design and lead his own academic class “Business Agility Methodologies” at Sofia University, Bulgaria.

One year later, in 2016 Nikola Bogdanov and his brother Bogoy Bogdanov decided to establish AgilePool Ltd. with the goal to guide organizations to the future of work. They have worked with software companies to help them improve their efficiency by running Agile-Scrum training workshops and provide ongoing coaching.

While time was passing more and more organizations within and outside of IT partnered successfully with AgilePool, which made the company a leader in the Agile-Lean training and consulting domain in Bulgaria.

Nowadays, Nikola and Bogoy are the most recognizable faces in the regional Agile world and are regular participants in some of the biggest conferences in Bulgaria and Europe. They had exposure as speakers in Prague, London, Bristol, Sarajevo, Belgrade, Cambridge, and Sofia.

As a result of their effort and professionalism, more than 10 different organizations improved their effectiveness and ways of working. They helped them through training, workshops, guiding their Agile transformation, and coaching key organizational leadership groups.

The Founders of AgilePool

Nikola Bogdanov

Business Agility Coach


As an Agile Coach and Lean-Agile trainer with more than 12 years of experience, Nikola combines strong practical experience with Academic knowledge rooted in his work at Sofia University, Bulgaria.

Nikola is an expert in Scrum, Kanban, and the whole Agile-Lean domain. He is working with various companies worldwide. His experience comes from roles like Agile Coach, Agile Catalyst, Scrum Master, and Project manager. He has a technical software engineering background which makes him equally efficient working with business and technical people.

Nikola is a true Agile enthusiast with deep interests in organizational facilitation and coaching. He has rich experience as an Agile coach, Scrum Master, and Agile leader in big and small organizations.

It’s easy to say, Agile is in his DNA.

Bogoy Bogdanov

Business Agility Coach


Bogoy has a lifelong passion for technology and organizational processes. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and a Master’s in IT Business and Project Management.

He started his career more than 10 years ago as a software developer and quickly developed a Lean-Agile mindset. Naturally, he migrated into leadership roles as a Team Lead, Scrum Master, and Agile Coach. 

In his successful career as an Agile Coach, he has helped individuals and teams adopt an Agile mindset, reach higher levels of performance, improve team morale, and evolve the organizational culture. 

With a focus on trust and transparency, Bogoy helps organizations grow through continuous improvement efforts. He believes the best results are only possible when people work in an environment characterized by psychological safety that empowers individuals and teams to achieve their highest potential.

Bogoy is an active contributor to the Agile world as a speaker at conferences and organizer of community events. 

His passion is contagious for both co-workers and industry peers.


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