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Your organization wants to move to Agile and to get all the economical benefits.
But how to start, how to build a change plan, and how to run the transformation?
Let’s see how we can do it together!

Custom-designed training and workshops about Agile, the Scrum Framework, the Kanban method, and Lean governance tailored for the individual organizational needs.

Why to Transform

We live in the Digital Age and the world becomes more Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous (VUCA) for the companies across the globe as you’re reading this.

The problem is not organizations need to realize that they have to transform their operating models. The real problem is to design a proper plan that will be suitable and effective for the unique context and environment in the company.

Many have tried universal “silver bullet” approaches, using checklists to drive the Agile Transformation but have failed since those cannot cope with the specifics of the organizational culture.

Our Approach

We understand that reaching true Business Agility is a never-ending journey and there isn’t just one right way toward successful Agile Transformation.

Thus, we don’t sell ready solutions, we guide organizations in an Agile way instead. We build partnerships with our clients to design and execute the implementation Roadmap together, that is tailored to the specifics of the business context and goals.

This is the way to establish the best possible environment for the people, products, and clients.

Tailor-Made Agile Transformation

How does it work

We will schedule initial interviews with key stakeholders, leaders, and managers to gain a better understanding of the organizational context and major challenges.

This is needed, so we can do an initial assessment of the cultural norms, current level of agility, and scope of the engagement.

The next step is to define meaningful goals for the transformation, focused on 4 major inter-connected areas:

Lean-Agile Education

The key to a successful start is having everyone in the organization speak the same language, share common values, principles, and understanding. To achieve this, we’ll design and execute custom training and workshops for your employees to align the expectations and get everyone’s buy-in.

Lean-Agile Leadership

No organizational change can happen if there is no strong guidance and drive by the company’s leadership. This is why we’ll guide, mentor, and coach your leaders and management to become real Lean-Agile Leaders that will drive the transformation. We’ll help to establish a Powerful Guiding Coalition that will enable the company to succeed.

Agile Teams 

True high-performing Agile Teams are the foundational building blocks for every Agile organization. We will help you form and build teams and will provide the needed help and support to set them on the right track for continuous growth.

Agile Network

As the legendary management consultant and writer Peter Drucker once said – “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”. All the other three areas are important, but there is one missing ingredient to make sure the organization can sustain the change and not go back “to the old ways”.
This is to establish a true Agile Network to scale cultural values, principles, and norms. We will help the company embrace the “One Team” mentality and provide ways to scale, collaborate and deliver value as a coherent system of teams.

Lean-Agile training and workshops for companies
We create and organize our own custom-designed Lean-Agile training and workshops and certification courses for a wider audience.

Strengths of Agility at a glance

Benefits Of Adopting Agile

We continue to see many benefits realized by companies adopting Agile. The theme of the top 5 reported benefits is speed and adaptability. This corresponds with the top reported reasons for adopting Agile.


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