Advanced Agile Product Development® Live Online Certification Course

Learn from the practice and get certified in an advanced level of Product ownership.
Agile-Lean skills, and real-life experience in one special course.

Course Description

You want to be successful, building successful products. This is the essential goal of every leader or manager.

Advanced Agile Product Development is a practical two-day course, full of exercises and simulations. It will give you real skills and knowledge on how to build and innovate products. You will practice all the key product, stakeholders, and team management practices from the Agile domain.

Completing the course, you will have the tools to discover business value, build customer-driven processes, and drive end-to-end product creation in an Agile ecosystem.

Become Sertified in Advanced Agile Product Development® Live Online

This course includes:

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What you'll learn

Become Certified Advanced Agile Product Manager

Who is it For?

Advanced Agile Product Development® is appropriate for Agile Product Managers and people who are interested in building innovative and successful products in an Agile Way.

Why is this Course for you?

You are accountable for your product’s success. Your company needs knowledgeable and skillful Agile Product Leaders and Managers, who can take ownership and drive end-to-end value creation.

If this is describing you, this course is the right place! As people in key positions, you must understand the principles and know the practices of the Agile value discovery and building the right Product creation ways of working. By doing it you will be recognized as a modern super leader.

Why AgilePool?

Practice, practice, practice, and just enough theory!

With more than 12 years of experience in large and highly complex organizations, we have implemented our own practices in this unique workshop, consisting of specially designed exercises and simulations, because in AgilePool we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all education.

Bogoy Bogdanov

Business Agility Coach

Nikola Bogdanov

Business Agility Coach

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Advanced Agile Product Development® Live Online Certification Course

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Become Sertified in Advanced Agile Product Development® Live Online

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