Online Original Agile Certification Courses


Certified Scrum Master and Product Owner course

Advanced Scrum-Kanban Practitioner®

Advanced Scrum-Kanban Practitioner® is a practical two-day course, full of exercises and simulations. You will become an expert in the New Scrum Framework 2020 and a master of the Kanban Method.

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Advanced Agile Leadership Courses

Become Sertified in Advanced Agile Product Development® Live Online

Advanced Agile Product Development® Live Online Certification Course

Learn from the practice and get certified in an advanced level of Product ownership. Agile-Lean skills, and real-life experience in one special course.

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Become certified master of Agile Retrospectives and facilitation

Advanced Retrospectives® Live Online Certification Course

Effective retrospectives, mission possible or not? Managers and Leaders, it’s time to obtain the skills to run High-professional and super-efficient retrospectives. This is custom hands-on training, not-just a certification!

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Build, grow and establish High performing Agile Teams

Advanced Agile Teaming® Live Online Certification Course

How to build high-performing teams? Certify and learn from the experience, be part of our custom practical training. It’s an advanced course for high-performing leaders and managers who create highly efficient super-teams!

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