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🫵You are a manager who wants to improve your departments, teams, or projects performance?

At AgilePool, we specialize in helping leaders like you to make the organizational work processes more agile, lean, and efficient. 

In the past ten years, we’ve helped over 15 organizations, large and small, to modernize their ways of working that ensure their teams thrive in today’s uncertain and dynamic environment.

We’ve helped leaders like you achieve amazing results, and now it’s your turn!

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Our 'BASE' Process Optimization Model

Our unique Process Optimization Model, called Business Agility Strategy & Execution (BASE), is developed based on our 12+ years of field experience resolving organizations’s efficiency nightmares. The combination of Agile and Lean domains enables the delivery of tangible improvements in any business process and significantly improves productivity.

The model is deeply tailored to each organization’s specific challenges and goals to ensure a customized approach to optimization.

Following the blueprint of six simple steps can lead any business organization to enhance and streamline operations across management, teams, and projects.

Step 1


Step 2

Align Your Vision

Step 3

Define Roadmap

Step 4

Form Change Team

Step 5


Step 6

Reflect & Adapt

Step 1: Find where YOU stand

You will discover your journey starting point and find your destination with the help of the BAMA Framework evaluation.

It’s not just an assessment – it’s a vital self-discovery process.

You will lay a solid foundation for improvement and ensure that the new processes are driven not only by external expertise but also by the insights and experiences of your team. It will lead to impactful and sustainable evolution.

Step 2: Align Your Vision

Based on your strengths and weaknesses assessment, you and your team will get a clear and attainable long-term vision alignment. This will set the direction of your organization’s efforts. 

Step 3: Define Your Step by Step Roadmap to Success

We will craft a detailed step-by-step blueprint that will transform your aligned vision into action toward achieving the defined goals.

Step 4: Form a Change team

You will ensure a sustainable change from within with the help of a team of changes complemented by AgilePool’s experts. This team will become the driving force of the transformation and will ensure that the change is deeply rooted and widely embraced across your organization.

Step 5: Execute to Thrive

AgilePool experts will work hand-in-hand with your Change Team and apply hands-on expertise to implement the step-by-step roadmap. This step is about making real-time adjustments and ensuring that every step taken is effective and aligns with our overarching goals.

Step 6: Reflect & Adapt

Step 6, ‘Reflect & Adapt,’ marks a pivotal point in our ongoing journey, rather than a final step.

During the optimization process, we engage in regular evaluations to inspect our progress and the effectiveness of our actions. It’s a time for adaptability, where we fine-tune the roadmap and action plans in response to new insights and changing organizational needs. This cyclical process ensures that our approach is continuously evolving, keeping your business agile and aligned with long-term success.

71% of leaders will never succeed without proper guidance

Unfortunately, about 71% of the managers do not tap into their organization’s full potential. It’s not their fault, they haven’t mastered modern methods.

But you can take a different path.

We are Nikola and Bogoy, #1 leaders in Business Agility coaching in Bulgaria. We’ll implement the strategies that have helped leaders like you succeed, gain respect, and be noticed in their organizations.

Bogoy Bogdanov

Business Agility Coach​

Nikola Bogdanov

Business Agility Coach​

Save months of costly mistakes!

Instead, save time and money to achieve better results with our expert guidance and action plan. It’s like a shortcut to high performance.

Are you ready to lead your team to success, earn the respect you deserve, and achieve remarkable results with modern methods?

Schedule a call with us now.

Unlike other consultants, we give you
100% money-back guarantee!

If you are not satisfied with the course, we will refund 100%

Unlike other consultants, we stand confidently behind our expertise and methods with a 100% money-back guarantee.

We understand that transforming business processes is a significant undertaking, and we firmly believe in the effectiveness of our approach.

Our commitment is simple: If our collaboration doesn’t lead to the achievement of at least 80% of the agreed-upon objectives within the specified timeframe, we offer a full refund of our consulting fees. This guarantee underlines our dedication to not only meet but exceed your expectations, ensuring that you embark on this journey with full confidence in our partnership.

What our clients have to say


Nick Hagan General Manager Pharma

Nick Hagan

General Manager Novartis Pharmaceuticals

Thanks to the efforts of the AgilePool Coaches, Novartis Bulgaria has changed significantly as an organization over a short period – starting in 2022 as an organization with a conventional way of working, we are now a more flexible, focused and agile organization, resulting in the emergence of new fast-moving, cross-functional working groups and the development of several innovative and value-generating initiatives.

I have no hesitation in recommending AgilePool as a partner for similar organizations looking to undertake a transformation to a more agile way of thinking and working.

Diana Dimitrova, MD, MBA Healthcare System Partner at Roche

Diana Dimitrova, MD, MBA

Healthcare System Partner at Roche

My experience with AgilePool Ltd. has been extraordinary. They expertly guided Roche Bulgaria’s team through embracing more Agile ways of working, revolutionizing our work processes at Roche. The transformation was profound – enhancing our team collaboration and setting us on the path to becoming industry leaders. Their hands-on approach, collaboration, and deep understanding made a real difference.

I wholeheartedly recommend AgilePool to any organization looking to make significant improvements in business processes.

Dimo Dimov

VP Live Games at Gameloft

Working with AgilePool has been a transformative experience for Gameloft Bulgaria. Under the guidance of Bogoy and Nikola Bogdanov, we’ve seen a significant evolution in our approach to game development and team collaboration.

Their unique blend of deep expertise and knowledge, combined with tailored strategies has greatly enhanced our team dynamics and product focus. The results are clear: improved game performance, higher customer satisfaction, and a more skilled and motivated team. I highly recommend AgilePool for anyone aiming to elevate their business agility.

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