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Digital Tansformation in 1 year - Pluxee Bulgaria

I’d like to share our experience with AgilePool, a partnership that has fundamentally contributed to the transformation of our company since December 2022 and continues to evolve our company into 2024.

At Pluxee Bulgaria, formerly Sodexo Bulgaria, we knew that we were about to face the challenge of transitioning from paper to digital food vouchers. It was clear to me that it was not just a technological leap but a complete overhaul of our working culture. Our teams, accustomed to traditional methods, had to adapt to the digital era that demands capabilities like agility and innovation. This was more than a business challenge, it was a cultural one. We needed guidance, not just in adopting new technologies but in changing the very way we think and operate.

This is where AgilePool came into the picture. What pleased me about their approach was the depth of their commitment and engagement just like they were our own employees. They didn’t just offer pre-cooked solutions, they took the time to understand our unique context and challenges. They started by doing one-on-one interviews with key people and dived deep into understanding our culture, processes, and the hurdles we faced.

The journey with AgilePool is a two-phase adventure. The initial phase was all about preparation – training our teams, breaking down silos, and paving the way towards a cultural shift. The AgilePool coaches weren’t just trainers, but mentors who walked alongside us, helping us to see our work in a new light.

Then came the second phase, coinciding with our decision to cease the momentum of the regulatory change and digitize the flagship product. We set an ambitious six months timeline to digitize our flagship product . AgilePool rose to the occasion, taking on roles in technical project management and becoming an integral part of our team. They were there, in the trenches with us, ensuring every team was aligned, working in collaboration against a set clear strategy.

The impact of their involvement has been remarkable. We’ve seen above 40% boost in teams’ performance. But numbers only tell part of the story. There’s been a cultural shift at Pluxee. Our teams are no longer reactive but proactive. There’s a buzz of ideas, a sense of ownership around them, and a spirit of collaboration in the execution phase.

In conclusion, AgilePool didn’t just help us transition to digital – they helped us transform as an organization. Their hands-on approach, combined with their expertise in Agile and modern ways of working was exactly what we needed. I wholeheartedly recommend AgilePool to any organization looking to navigate the complexities of today’s business world. They’re more than just consultants, they’re partners in true transformation.


Chief Operating Officer
Pluxee Bulgaria

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