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Are you looking to excel at your career?

You’re an experienced professional, have taken several courses on Agile, and you want to grow as a Product Owner, Scrum Master, Agile Coach, Agile PM, or Agile Leader.

Or maybe you’re just starting your Agile journey and you want guidance and support to define your way forward.

Now you’re searching for ways to grow your professional career and you’re thinking about:

“What should I do next?”

You are curious about having your personal Agile Coach that works with you and helps you succeed in your unique environment.

You may be wondering what this is going to be like and you can rest assured that you will have a great experience working with an Agile Coach.

What is Exclusive Business Coaching?

The Coach is a professional who is dedicated to you and your success.

The Coach will partner with you in the process of maximizing your performance, unlocking your potential, and achieving your goals by provoking your creativity, inspiring you, motivating you, and providing you with his full attention and expertise.

The Coach provides you with actionable insight and opportunities for growth based on specific areas you wish to improve.
For example better decision-making, problem-solving, boosting confidence, improving work performance, conflict management, communication, and negotiation.

The Coach will help you set a clear purpose and success criteria, and is the trustworthy ally that helps you get there.

What is coaching?

Coaching has been defined in many ways. The essence of coaching is:

Coaching is a partnership between the coach and the client.

The coach helps the client to achieve their personal best and to produce the results they want in their personal and professional lives. Coaching ensures the client can give their best, learn and develop in the way they wish.

How does it work?

Coaching is a process of improving performance and results through timely feedback. It consists of one-on-one online sessions between you and your personal coach that last 60 minutes each.

Depending on your needs, you’ll meet with your coach once a week, every two weeks, or even just once a month. You and the coach will agree on what works best for you prior to starting the coaching engagement.

During the coaching process, you will work together with the coach to identify your goals and clarify what success looks like to you. You may be asked to fill out assessments to identify your strengths, values, and the things that give you meaning and purpose.

Once you have absolute clarity about what you want to achieve, then, in collaboration, the coach will help you develop a personalized action plan and help you take the necessary steps to execute it.

What Does The Coach Do?

In the coaching process, the client is the expert of their life and the coach believes that every client is creative, competent, and has/can obtain all the needed resources to achieve their goals.

Based on this, the coach:

  • Discovers, clarifies, and synchronizes with the client what the client wants to achieve,
  • Enables the client to grow an Agile mindset,
  • Promotes self-monitoring and self-awareness in the client,
  • Provides timely feedback and helps the client learn through experience,
  • Extracts from the client their own decisions and strategies,
  • Supports and motivates the client to act and achieve their goals,
  • Helps the client to uncover options,
  • Challenges the client,
  • Holds the client accountable and reports on the results achieved by him, and
  • Provides guidance and expertise in Agile ways of working when needed.

How can I get a Coach?

The coaching is an equal partnership between the coach and the client and as such, the two parties need to make sure they are right for each other.

We want to guarantee the best experience for all coachees, thus we won’t accept coaching an individual who is not currently ready for that. Time is our most important resource and we respect the client’s and our time equally.

The goal is a successful coaching experience for both sides, which results in the client’s growth.

Every coaching engagement starts with an initial FREE coaching session.

The coach and the client meet to discuss the scope of the coaching sessions, the client’s goals, and all the details regarding price, schedule, and expectations from both sides.

In case, the client demonstrates enough motivation, shows their willingness to commit to the engagement, assures that they are ready to be dedicated to the coaching process, and both sides, the coach and the client, believe they can work together, then a coaching agreement is established.

Are you excited and ready to start your coaching journey?

Submit your request in the form below and we’ll contact you to book our first session!

Why AgilePool?

The best way to grow is through practical experience!

With more than 12 years of proficiency in Agile coaching, we have worked with Senior Leaders, Managers, Product Owners, Scrum Masters, Agile PMs, and Professionals from every organizational level.

We have helped people to accelerate and advance in their respective careers, working in small, large, and highly complex organizations.

The individual coaching interactions we’ve had with CEOs, CTOs, and other organizational leaders, made direct, indirect, and powerful impacts on the effectiveness of their companies.

Clients reported they’ve succeeded in improving the organizational culture, performance, and level of satisfaction for their employees.

If you’re curious to learn more about the impact of our coaching, take a look at this Case Study.

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Coaching Session Packages

The first coaching session is fREE!

Single Coaching Session

1 Hour Coaching
90 VAT not included
  • 1 X Online Coaching Session
  • 1 Hour Coaching

Basic Package

1 Month Coaching
320 VAT not included
  • 4 X Online Coaching Session
  • 4 Hours Coaching
  • Email Support

Pro Package

3 Months Coaching
690 VAT not included
  • 10 X Online Coaching Session
  • 10 Hours Coaching
  • Email Support
  • Instant Messages Support
  • Check-in Calls

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