Scrum & Kanban Practitioner for Managers®

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Implementing Agile, Scrum, and Kanban is challenging. Recognizing this, we’ve developed SK-PfM®, a two-week FREE online course rooted in years of practical experience.

Instead of overwhelming theory, we emphasize hands-on exercises and real-world applications, specifically tailored for managers.

Our goal is to sharpen your management skills, equipping you with immediate success with Scrum and Kanban.

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Course Description​

Are you in a significant management role? Seeking tangible experience and clear answers about Scrum and Kanban? Looking to build a strong foundation to tackle the challenges you face daily?

Scrum & Kanban Practitioner for Managers® is grounded in practicality. Crafted from real-world experiences and the successful adoption of leading Agile methodologies, this course is a hands-on of exercises and simulations, explicitly tailored for managers.

It’s the perfect fit for senior managers eager to enhance their understanding, refresh their knowledge, or fill in any blanks.

Those managers who’ve completed our training label it a transformative and pivotal point in their careers. The invaluable insights and skills gained in areas like Client and Stakeholder management, Product Ownership, and Agile Adoption are unparalleled. Furthermore, you’ll gain firsthand exposure to best practices in PI planning, estimation, backlog management, strategy, and roadmap planning from the Agile domain, learning to seamlessly integrate them into the Scrum process.

Upon course completion, you’ll earn the Scrum & Kanban Practitioner for Managers® Certificate and a Digital Badge.

Free Agile, Scrum, Lean, Kanban training course

Scrum & Kanban Practitioner for Managers®

Free Online Certification Course
$ Free
  • 8 Hours Live Online Training
  • On-demand videos & materials
  • Innovative learning methods
  • Certification upon compleation
  • Digital Badge upon completion
  • Premium Community Membership
  • Language: English and Bulgarian

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Course Agenda​

Group of participants of the online training course dedicated on Agile, Scrum Framework, Kanban Method, Agile Product Management

Who is the course for?

Why Is This Course For You?

Just check what the people who passed the training say.

Why AgilePool?

Practice, practice, practice, and just enough theory!

With more than 12 years of experience in large and highly complex organizations, we have implemented our own practices in this unique workshop, consisting of specially designed exercises and simulations, because in AgilePool we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all education.

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Scrum & Kanban Practitioner for Managers®

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The course is 100% free and we will not charge any of the students.


After successful course completion, you will get a Digital Certificate and a Digital Badge.


We don’t believe in tests and exams as a form to justify someone’s skills and practical knowledge.

However, during the course, there might be some tests to verify whether the participants understand the theory.


Certification is not guaranteed as we don’t sell certificates. Anyone who enrolls in the course is eligible for certification. However, in order to deserve it, you should pass the acceptance criteria for the course, some of which are to take active participation in the training and exercises, submit homework, and show real dedication and understanding.



We do not charge meaningless “renewal” fees to keep your certificate “valid”.

Easy. Just fill in the Registration Form and we will contact you for further details.


We want to guarantee the best experience for all participants in the training.

That is why we will review all applications and will allow only people who have the needed knowledge, skills, background, and attitude.


Everyone will be informed whether they’re enrolled to the course.


There are no financial or other obligations of any kind with us. This is a free course and we hope you’ll enjoy it.


If you’re looking for private company training, we will be happy to do one for you.

All you need to do is to contact us.

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